What our parents have said …

A great course with good feedback and help is at your fingertips 24/7. I can highly recommend Bonita’s teaching skills and patience!

We are extremely happy with choosing School IT Online for our Gr 10 as an educational provider. The curriculum is easy for the kids to follow and Bonita is always on hand to assist and teach.

IT online is a professional, smooth operating, cost effective way to take IT. Not a single glitch experienced the whole year and no need to travel to an unfamiliar classroom at an inconvenient time.

Appreciate the regular and detailed feedback on my child’s progress. Relevant and detailed assistance makes for easier management of the subject. Thank you.

Studying IT online was new to us and three years ago and we embarked on it rather gingerly, well, I as a Mom did! Bonita has been an absolute stalwart in her approach and has been all encompassing, professional, friendly and “there” for my daughter with queries and feedback. I can highly recommend Bonita and IT Online as a subject choice, you honestly will not regret it.

The learners have this to say …

IT has been one of my most pleasant subjects and I have been able to apply my knowledge gained from IT in my everyday life. It’s just such a fun and helpful subject!

I think that taking IT as a subject is one of the best ways to prepare for the future of our world. If all else fails, IT will always be your safety net. IT professions will never cease to be one of the top career choices.

school IT online has been a really engaging and fun platform to learn IT. The course has equipped me with programming skills and given me a better understanding of computers in general.

School IT Online has given me many skills – both practical and theoretical. What I’ve learnt has helped me with other subjects, such as CAT, Science and Math. It is also quite impressive to create your own programs!

When I started IT I did not realize how much fun it would be to learn this subject. It is truly amazing to learn all the new skills and the best part is being able to understand new things that your friends have no clue about.

I really enjoy doing IT with school IT online since our teacher is really helpful and kind. If you don’t understand something, she will always be there to help you. I also like doing IT online, because it allows me to have ten subjects where I could normally only have 8.