How it works

Requirements for taking IT as a subject with school IT online

  • 70% or above for Mathematics in grade 9.
  • You must take Mathematics as a subject in grade 10.
  • Access to a Windows computer for running Delphi.
  • Internet access, including after school hours for completing formal and informal assessments.
  • An email address for communications.
  • You must have self-discipline and the will to learn the subject.
  • Time in your weekly schedule to fit in an additional subject – approximately 4 to 5 hours per week.

Payment arrangements

  • A monthly enrollment fee of R600 done via EFT at the start of each month from January 2022.

Textbooks for Grade 10 IT

We will be using the free textbooks provided by the DBE.

How do I get hold of the Delphi Software?

Your school will apply for the free educational version of the Delphi 10.3 software and licenses on behalf of all its IT learners. You will receive the license key and installation instructions at the start of Term 1 2022.