Guest access to the Gr.10 course

(Please take a minute to login as a guest and have a look at a small sample taken from the Grade 10 Information Technology (CAPS) course by clicking here.) – Not currently available, but coming soon!

Learners are expected to follow the outline of the year plan, study from the notes and textbooks, and complete regular quizzes and programming assignments. Video explanations are available for many of the programming assignments.  All the assignments are graded by the teacher, who provides the learners with feedback.

Formal assessments take place according to the requirements of the CAPS document.  June and November exams must be written at the school.

Add IT to your list!

School Principals, why not add IT to your learner’s list of subjects?

Here is a quote published earlier this week on the Department of Education’s website:

Then a very exciting development we are working on is to introduce coding as a subject in our schools. Coding is unique in the way it brings all diverse skills together and this is one of the big advantages of teaching learners to code, as learning to program requires computational thinking skills.

Before computers can be used to solve a problem, the problem itself and the ways in which it could be resolved must be understood.  It includes some obviously important skills, like creativity, the ability to explain and team work. It also consists of some very specific problem solving skills such as the ability to think logically, algorithmically and recursively.

Coding is essentially written instructions that a robot or computer program can read and then execute.

Information Technology for Grade 10 to 12 is an existing subject that involves teaching learners computer programming, which is often referred to these days as coding.

Through school IT online learners can take IT as an additional subject, and study it from home. Grade 9’s can register now to start with grade 10 IT in 2019.

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