Are you in grade 10 in 2020? Do you want to study IT or learn Computer Science? Learn to code? Prepare for the jobs of the future? Be able to develop your own app or game one day? Or maybe you just want to find out more about what computer programming is all about?

school IT online can help you achieve these goals!

We offer the Information Technology (CAPS) school subject to grade 10 to 12 learners via online e-learning courses. Learners in grade 10 in 2020 can register now for the course that will commence at the start of term one next year. Grade 11’s and 12’s can also register, provided they have completed the previous year.

In our online course, learners are guided to master the IT curriculum through weekly readings, exercises, assignments and quizzes. Students upload their programming (coding) exercises on the learning management system (Moodle) for control and grading and regular feedback is provided.

What is great about this online course is that you will be able to study the subject at any time and place that suit your schedule, even if your school does not offer the subject. You will however be required to keep up with the weekly schedule of readings and exercises and write tests and exams on specific dates. Regular work, dedication and self motivation will be essential to achieve success, but the knowledge and skills you will acquire, will be of great benefit to you.

school IT online will establish a collaborative relationship with your school. The June and November IT exams are conducted at our learners’ schools under supervised conditions. We will provide your termly result to your school for reporting purposes.  At the end of Grade 12 you will be able to write the IT exams of the Department of Education at your school and receive your results on your Matric certificate.

Click to download: Information leaflet for grade 10 learners (2020)